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Telemetry Datalink

airborneground station / tracking antennas

Telemetry ground station

AA SYSTELintegrates and represents exclusively airborne / on-ground antenna of HYPTRA company. HYPTRA positioned as a key supplier on the commercial and military French markets, HYPTRA designs and manufacutures a full line of turn-key antenna systems including all individual equipment such as: antenna / Pedestals / Controller / Tracking receiver / radomes / RF subsystem.

HYPTRA provides to the main flight test centers Auto tracking Ground station from portable antenna up to 4.2m diameter.

Main Features:

      • Two Telemetry data channels
      • Two Tracking channels
      • Five or Four elements feed

The main customers of HYPTRA: Airbus, Dassault Aviation, CNES, Alcatel, THALES, SAGEM, French Flight test centers, Chinese Flight test centers.

Telemetry tracking antenna

Tracking antennas 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.1m or 4.2m

Full Integrated Mobile Telemetry Ground Station

This mobile telemetry Ground Station is fully equipped for the reception of signals from aerial vehicles.

This GS includes two separate rooms:

  • Antenna room with hydraulic lift and 1.5m / 1.8m auto-tracking 2 axis antenna with video camera, electronic compass and electronic spirit levels for high mobility.
  • Operators room equipped with air conditioning, two 42 U, 19'' cabinets with UPS

The GS is mainly composed of:

  • One 27 dB (1.5m)S band tracking antenna (HYPTRA) with video camera and zoom
  • One Antenna Control Unit with all operating modes such as RF auto tracking, Program track with pre loaded data file, Slew and manual tracking, GPS tracking.
  • One two channels with PreD combiner receiver (RTR from ZDS)
  • One Wide band PreD recorder (ETEP)
  • One Real time and post processing unit (MAGALI)
  • One IRIG B time GPS receiver
Ground station
Ground station

Mobile NOMAD Tracking Antenna

S-band 20 dBi Data-sheet
22 dBi Data-sheet

The proposed system is a portable ground station used in S-band or L-band for data reception and/or transmission with 20dBi or 22dBi gain (S-band).

Total weight is 32Kg (20dBi version) and 37Kg (22dBi version)

The station is mainly composed of the following parts:

  • External two-axis auto tracking antenna with 20 or 22dBi gain
  • Electronic compass for automatic North reference(option)
  • Control and Servo units are integrated in the pedestal
  • Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
  • TCP/IP link between ACU (PC) and tracking antenna
  • Tracking receiver (1 or 2 channels) integrated into the pedestal (option)
  • High speed rotation: 60°/s (option)
  • Acquisitions mode "Logbook"
  • Video Camera in option
19dBi flat tracking antenna
20 dBi gain

21dBi flat tracking antenna
22 dBi gain


series Telemetry and Telecontrol antennas & Antenna Control Unit

TM/TC Data-sheet
120 Data-sheet
150 Data-sheet
180 Data-sheet
240 Data-sheet
SATCOM Data-sheet
2.40m tracking antenna
Antenna Control Unit

This station is designed for signals reception in the 2.3GHz frequency band (others bands are available upon request). A friendly Man Machine Interface installed on a PC allows its remote Monitoring & Control via a RS232 serial link.

Reception is made through a 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2.4m/3.1m/4.2m dish equipped with auto tracking feed in RHCP and LHCP including 0.7dB NF LNA, and filters.

Auto-tracking in RHCP or LHCP.

Target tracking can be achieved through the two main modes: Auto-tracking or GPS tracking. Auto-tracking uses Single Channel Monopulse technique.

The station mainly composed of the following parts:

  • External two-axis auto tracking antenna
  • Electronic compass for automatic north reference
  • Electronic spirit level for automatic set-up (transportable version)
  • Control & servo power rack
  • Antenna Control Unit
  • Tracking receiver
4.2m S band Tracking antenna under radome
4.2 m S band Tracking antenna under radome
1.20m tracking antenna
1.80m tracking antenna
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Directional Antennas

HYPTRA designed a range of directional antennas using circular polarization in the S frequency band. The aerial is designed for harsh environments: -40°C to + 85°C operating temperature, seawater resistant. Antennas can be used in receive or transmit mode.

In option,when used in reception, the antenna can be equipped with filter and LNA.

Directionnal antenna

Commint antenna system

This station is designed for signals reception from 1 to 18 GHz in three sub-bands. The feed is can be equipped in option with a YIG filter for short loop tests. It is operated in Remote (RS 232C) or Local mode.

The station is mainly composed of the following parts:

  • Two axis antenna with dish and feed
  • Control & servo power rack 3U
  • Antenna Control software for PC
Coomint antenna system

Airborne/on-ground Omni-directional antenna

HYPTRA designed a range of antennas using circular polarization with omni-directional azimuth pattern in the S frequency band. The marine aluminium antenna base allows to fix the aerial on a mast or on board aerial targets. The aerial is designed for harsh environments: -40°C to + 85°C operating temperature, seawater resistant.

In option,when used in reception, the antenna can be equipped with filter and LNA.

Omni-directionnal antenna
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Data processing

AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively the data processing system of EURILOGIC Magali Company. EURILOGIC Magali was created in 1990. It merged with EURILOGIC in 2002. HTS is an engineering company, which builds measure and simulation systems as well as test benches. It created and developed MAGALI, which is a complete system, designed to acquire, analyze and visualize data in real time and post processing. EURILOGIC Magali builds turn-key systems based on this technology.

The main customers of EURILOGIC Magali Company:Airbus, Dassault Aviation, CNES, Alcatel, Thomson, Renault .

MAG_200 data processing system

MAG_200 is a telemetry acquisition system based on MAGALI.
It acquires one or several PCM signals, whatever the message format (IRIG, DANIEL, CE83, CCSDS, …), up to 20 Mbits/s per PCM channel.
MAG_200 can be integrated in an architecture distributed on a network, designed for remote control one or several system or to divide the acquisition load.

MAG_200 data processing system

MAGALIReal-time Achitech
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On-ground recorder

AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively the on-ground recording system of ETEP Company.ETEP was established in 1979, located in the south of France. It is specialized in acquisition and recording systems. Thanks to its stability and precision, its recording products are widely used in the fields of areospace, aircraft manufacturing, nuke, etc.

The main customers of ETEP Company:Snecma, Dassault Aviation, CNES, Alcatel, Thales.

The on-ground system (6U , 19'') is a classic P.C., with a processor of type Pentium III or equivalent of 1,4 GHz and a memory of 256 Mbytes and a hard disk of 20 Gbytes. With the mobile hard disk, you have the possibility to place a tape drive or a CD ROM or a DVD, for recording all or a part of your mission.
A flat screen of 10,4'', and a Infra red keyboard with mouse are also supplied. it is possible (in mode "play"), with this system, to reproduce all the signals recorded on your mobile discs (see back of device).


  • PCM decommutation (IRIG 106 / CE 83 / Daniel)
  • Recording Received D.T. MUX format
  • Decommutation
  • Real time display
  • Help on decision

All their on-board recorders are delivered with free Lab D.T. MUX software (including upgrades during the 2 years guarantee period).



PCM Recorder Data-sheet
Wideband Recorder Data-sheet
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