AA SYSTEL Telemetry Airborne nano recorder Tracking antenna
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Telemetry Datalink
ground station / tracking antennas

Nano airborne recorder

Data-sheet NANO Stackable


SOQPSK transmitter

Data-sheet Digital SOQPSK/FM 30Mbps transmitter

Airborne equipment

Acquisition/recorder subsystemRF subsystemTransmitterAmplifiersReceiversAirborne antennaVHF/UHF/L/S receivers and transmitters

AA SYSTEL is specialized in Telemetry / Telecommand System Design and Turn-Key System Integration (including on board and ground system). AA SYSTEL selects strictly and represents exclusively the most advanced high-tech products in the field of Telemetry and Telecommand.


Hyptra tracking antenna

Ground station / Tracking antenna Auto tracking antenna sub-systemDigital telemetry receiverData processing sub-systemGround recordersVHF/UHF/L/S receivers and transmitters

MAG_200 data processing system

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