AA SYSTEL is specialized in Telemetry / Telecommand System Design and Turn-Key System Integration (including on board and ground system). AA SYSTEL selects strictly and represents exclusively the most advanced high-tech products in the field of Telemetry and Telecommand.

AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively on-board VHF/UHF/S/L/C-Band transmitters and receivers of DM Radiocom company. DM Radiocom is specialized in data transmission. It designs and produces any type of data transmission : digital and analogic, cables and wireless, mobile and fixed, weak and average carrier. DM Radiocom provides you a series of transmitters and receivers (narrowband and broadband) with frequency bands up to 5.8 GHz. There are electronic and computer labs in DM Radiocom, therefore, it can provide the solutions tailored for customers.

The main customers of DM Radiocom : French Navy, French departments of Defense and French nuclear energy centers.