Mobile telemetry Ground Station

This mobile telemetry Ground Station is fully equipped for the reception of signals from aerial vehicles.

Embedded mobile ground station

This GS includes two separate rooms :

  • Antenna room with hydraulic lift and 1.50 m / 1.80 m auto-tracking 2 axis antenna with video camera, electronic compass and electronic spirit levels for high mobility
  • Operators room equipped with air conditioning, two 42 U, 19″ cabinets with UPS

Telemetry station on truck. The GS is mainly composed of :

  • One 27 dB (1.50 m) S-Band tracking antenna (HYPTRA) with video camera and zoom
  • One Antenna Control Unit with all operating modes such as RF auto tracking, program track with preloaded data file, slew and manual tracking, GPS tracking
  • One two channels with PreD combiner receiver (RTR from ZDS)
  • One wide band PreD recorder (ETEP)
  • One real-time and post processing unit
  • One IRIG B time GPS receiver
Mobile ground station display