ARES Telemetry and Telecontrol Antennas

This station is designed for signals reception in S and C bands (others bands are available upon request). A friendly Man Machine Interface installed on a PC allows its remote Monitoring & Control via a RS-232 serial link.

2.40 m

Reception is made through a 1.20 m / 1.50 m / 1.80 m / 2.40 m / 3.10 m / 4.20 m dish equipped with auto tracking feed in RHCP and LHCP including 0.7 dB NF LNA, and filters.

Auto-tracking in RHCP or LHCP.

Target tracking can be achieved through the two main modes : Auto-tracking or GPS tracking. Auto-tracking uses Single Channel Monopulse technique.

1.50 m

The station mainly composed of the following parts :

  • External two-axis auto tracking antenna
  • Electronic compass for automatic north reference
  • Electronic spirit level for automatic set-up (transportable version)
  • Control & servo power rack
  • Antenna Control Unit
  • Tracking receiver
1.20 mS
1.50 mS
1.80 mS
1.80 mS + C
2.40 mS
2.40 mS + C
3.00 mS
3.00 mS + C