AA SYSTEL integrates and represents exclusively on-board telemetry transmitters, receivers and amplifiers of VITEM company. VITEM is one of the leaders in these fields.

The main customers of VITEM : Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter (helicopter), French Flight test centers, Chinese Flight test centers.

VTX 6536 NT

The VTX 5000 NT/WT series telemetry/video transmitter is built around a state of the art Phase locked loop FM exciter followed by a high efficiency power amplifier. Working in L, or S-Bands, the VTX 5000 NT/WT series transmitter offers a very wideband frequency response from 1 Hz to 40 MHz which permits High Bit Rate (up to 32 Mbps) or color HD video-data transmission. The used technology allows the unit to operate under the environments as found in aircraft applications.

VTX 5537 NT5 WS
VTX 6536 NT5 WS