NOMAD Mobile Tracking Antennas

The proposed system is a portable ground station used in S-Band, L-Band or C-Band for data reception and/or transmission with 19 dBi, 21 dBi or 23 dBi gain (S-Band).

Total weight is 45 Kg.

Mobile NOMAD 23 dBi gain

The station is mainly composed of the following parts :

  • External two-axis auto tracking antenna with flat panel equipped with SCM tracking circuits, LNA and filters
  • Electronic compass for automatic North reference (option)
  • Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
  • TCP/IP link between ACU (PC) and tracking antenna
  • Tracking receiver (1 or 2 channels) integrated into the pedestal (option)
  • High speed rotation : 60°/s (option)
  • Acquisitions mode « Logbook »
  • Video camera (option)
22 dBiC
19 dBiS
21 dBiS
23 dBiS
Mobile NOMAD antenna display